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Securely read Ethereum state on any chain, verified by zkSNARKs.
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Secured by 512 rotating Ethereum validators. For the first time, security does not depend on a multisig or an optimistic fraud system. Telepathy's security is the same as Ethereum's light client protocol.
Telepathy's Ethereum zk light client is permissionless. Anyone can update our light client by generating a zkSNARK proof of consensus. Anyone can relay messages through Telepathy. Telepathy is censorship resistant.
core concept
Proof of Consensus
proof of consensus
Telepathy uses zkSNARKs to generate a validity proof of the state of a chain. Consensus of the source chain is verified in the execution environment of the target chain.

Powered by this proof of consensus, light client contracts on the target chain store the block headers of Ethereum. This enables anyone to supply state proofs of Ethereum (balances, storage, transactions, events, etc.)
use cases
Cross-Chain Governance
Telepathy can help protocols transmit governance votes settled on Ethereum to other chains they're deployed on, in decentralized and censorship-resistant way.
Beacon Oracle
Read state from Ethereum's consensus layer in it's execution layer, and use it to get information about validators, balances and slashing.
Cross-Chain Collateral
Lock your capital on Ethereum and send a message through Telepathy. Use the capital as collateral on other chains without having to move your funds.
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